Athletics: Kenyan Nicolas Kiméli explains his setbacks in Budapest


 He got out of the 5,000 dice in the series, and finished 8th in the 10,000m in the final. The rider was in good shape before the competition. That gave him hope of winning medals. “ I didn’t do as well as expected and was bitter about my performance. I had a lot on my mind because I was in very good shape before Budapest but I was not performing well. I promise I will work hard to improve.” He is now focusing on the upcoming Olympics deadline. «I want to put this behind me and immediately start preparing for the Olympic Games in Paris».

The 24-year-old explainedKenyan cross-country skier Nicolas Kiméli (24) was engaged in the 5000 and 10000 m at the Budapest World Championships. his underperformance with an injury contracted in March but also in the heat in Budapest. “I didn’t do a lot of speedwork because I got seriously injured in March and I didn’t feel better until June, as the Trials approach. I didn’t do a lot of speedwork because of that and it affected me in my performance. The temperature in Budapest was also very high. Compared to where I train in Iten, where it’s cold, it was a bit difficult.” 

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